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By: Danielle Steel | Relase Date: 2012-10-30 | Genre: Fiction & Literature, Romance

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Very captivating 😊 would recommend it ..
 Scarlett
I applaud Danielle Steel for making a fortune recycling basically the same stories with just a change of venues, names, jobs and interests (but everybody's rich) and looks (but everyone is beautiful). Aside from that the plot line follows her formula: rich, beautiful somebody falls exquisitely in love like never before, some tragedy (death, war, Titanic sinking, fortune loss, affair) then the re-building of that character who by the end of the book is richer, more beautiful and has even managed to love again after they thought it was over. Then, everyone lives happily ever after.
As usual, hit it out of the park!
Bino's mama
Lousy. Don't waste your time or your money. I should have stopped reading after the sample and not paid for the book. Very disappointed!
Another excellent read!!!!!!
Sins of the Mother
Loved this story. It's an easy, feel good read.
This book was excellent. The characters were lifelike and totally held my interest. Couldn't put the book down.