Girl, Wash Your Face PDF Download

By: Rachel Hollis | Relase Date: 2018-02-06 | Genre: Self-Improvement, Health, Mind & Body

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I absolutely love this book! I feel like she has written about my own life and can relate on some many levels. I love knowing that there are other women out there who go through the same things as I do. Life is hard, being a mom is challenging and knowing your not the only is wonderful. Thanks girl for writing this book.
Humble brag after humble brag. Every chapter she manages to mention herself and her accomplishments (company, marathons, being the most driven person she knows) while covering the surface of her struggles as an affluent white girl in Beverly Hills. I wish I had read more reviews before wasting my money.
What an incredible read. I’m on fire after finishing this funny, honest, heart warming, kick in the pants book! I have been recommending this book to every woman I know! Simply phenomenal!
Simply written humble bragging.
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Hands down one of the best and most inspirational books I’ve ever laid my hands on! I love how raw and honest Rachel is in every way! She seriously inspires me to be a better person ❤️