Girl, Wash Your Face PDF Download

By: Rachel Hollis | Relase Date: 2018-02-06 | Genre: Self-Improvement, Health, Mind & Body

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It is hard to put into word how much I adore this book and how much it changed my life. This is truly the first book I have read where repeatedly I was saying to myself, “This is my life.” It is relatable without being preachy, it is heartfelt and sincere, it is funny and witty; what more could you want? I recommend this book to anyone who asks and even to those who don’t. It is a must ready for any mama that is needing to feel not so lost in their day to day and for any woman who just needs a little kick in the butt to pursue their dreams.
This book changed so much of my mindset! I feel freer to live my life without all the lies I kept telling myself. Amazing book! Every women needs to read this!
From the first sentence to the last, every woman can relate! Rachel does an amazing job of empowering a beautiful perception of LIFE all the way to one’s core!!
This book was a quick & easy read that was uplifting if you looking for extra motivation!
Enjoyed and related to every chapter! Wonderful work !
I am so thankful to have picked this book up. Ive already recommended it to many friends. It's so easy to connect and relate to all of the chapters in this book. Read it. You will not regret it. Thank you Rachel!
I absolutely love this book and have already recommend it to practically everyone I know!!! I do have a quick question though!!! I’m a Beachbody coach and where I can recommend this book to my female clients do you have or know any personal development books for men that I could recommend to my male clients? Has your husband wrote anything?