Crazy Rich Asians PDF Download

By: Kevin Kwan | Relase Date: 2013-06-11 | Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance

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Chi chee
I was glued to this book for a week.! Better than binge watching Netflix!!!
The best book that I have read in awhile.Funny and refreshing
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I decided to read this book after seeing the movie because I fell in love with the characters. This books allows you a little more access to the characters. A layer that the movie just did not allow you to see. Their stories become a little more alive and vivid. This book had me laughing, oohing and ahhing more than the movie. A must read. Now on the second of the trilogy.
Illinois Nona
This book was a waste of time. The writing style is ordinary. The plot is repetitive and vapid. I certain.y won’t start the other titles in the series.